Take Full Control with Our Unmanaged VPS

The right choice for users with technical proficiency. If you are a developer, designer, or system administrator having expertise in managing the server, our VPS hosting is the best fit.

  • 14-day

    money-back guarantee

  • $8.00

    Full root access


Unmanaged VPS Hosting in your Budget

Get full control of your VPS servers at your fingertips. Our enterprise-grade Unmanaged VPS is built completely on a robust, fully independent, and most advanced virtualization technology. We promise to deliver the best unmanaged VPS hosting solution. Pick your plan and get started!

1 vCPU


  • 1 Cores
  • 2GB Memory
  • 20GB SSD Storage
  • 2TB Transfer
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2 vCPU


  • 2 Cores
  • 4GB Memory
  • 60GB SSD Storage
  • 4TB Transfer
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3 vCPU


  • 3 Cores
  • 6GB Memory
  • 90GB SSD Storage
  • 3TB Transfer
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4 vCPU


  • 4 Cores
  • 8GB Memory
  • 120GB SSD Storage
  • 8TB Transfer
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5 vCPU


  • 5 Cores
  • 10GB Memory
  • 150GB SSD Storage
  • 10TB Transfer
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6 vCPU


  • 6 Cores
  • 12GB Memory
  • 180GB SSD Storage
  • 12TB Transfer
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7 vCPU


  • 7 Cores
  • 14GB Memory
  • 210GB SSD Storage
  • 14TB Transfer
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8 vCPU


  • 8 Cores
  • 16GB Memory
  • 240GB SSD Storage
  • 16TB Transfer
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Why Choose VPS Hosting from Host Master Web?

If you are looking to host a personal project, need to get your business on the online platform, or develop an app, our VPS servers are the finest option. Host with the best & cheap VPS hosting provider.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

We commit to a 99.95% uptime for our VPS hosting, the industry's highest guarantee. Achieved through robust infrastructure, maintenance, and security measures, our servers ensure reliability. Utilizing cutting-edge hardware and software, our VPS architecture maximizes availability for your websites.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We provide affordable VPS hosting with a top-notch experience. Enjoy a 7-day money-back guarantee for all plans. Your satisfaction is our priority; we value your happiness with our services and support. If expectations aren't met, request a refund within the first 7 days of your purchase.


Best Price-to-Performance

At Host Master Web, get VPS hosting with competitive prices, top-notch performance, and security. Our servers feature cutting-edge technology and SSD NVMe for stability, offering dedicated resources and full control. Experience outstanding hosting while enjoying the best price-to-performance ratio in the market.

Maximized Value, No Hidden Costs, Sustainable Pricing!

Discover the power of scalability and high performance with our Unmanaged VPS hosting.

  • No Overselling
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Transparent Billing
  • Secured Infrastructure

With The Best Unmanaged VPS Hosting You Get

Take a look at our top-of-the-line VPS hosting features. We use premium hardware on our cheap VPS hosting server that are located in world-class data centers to ensure the fastest and highest quality VPS service.

  • Full Root Access & SFTP
  • Easy-Upgrade
  • IPV4
  • rDNS
  • Dedicated IP
  • SSL Certificate
  • No Noisy Neighbors
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • KVM Hypervisor
  • CSF Firewall
  • JSP / Tomcat / Java
  • Node.js
  • Apache / Nginx / LiteSpeed
  • XCache / Varnish
  • SVN / GIT
  • Crontab Access
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Databases
  • PHP / Perl / Python/ Django

Easy Management for Your Unmanaged VPS Server

No more struggling about the management of your VPS. Just a few clicks to complete your Job. You can keep track of the resources consumed by your server, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space.

Unmanaged VPS Server
  • Start-Restart
  • Power Off
  • SConsole
  • Re-install OS
  • Logs
  • Rescue Mode
  • Graphs
  • SSH Key
  • 2FA

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We’re here to assist when using HostMasterWeb cloud platform, anytime. Our growing team of professionals is always on hand.


Use powerful web tools to customize and configure your hosting with minimum effort.

Run Multiple VMs

Set up and manage numerous virtual machines from a single dashboard without much hassle.

Supreme Features with VPS Hosting Plans

When it comes to VPS hosting, the most essential factors are uptime, speed & reliability. You get all of these & a lot more at an affordable price.

Tier-4 Data Center

At Host Master Web, we deploy VPS in a Tier-4 data center. This data center is highly redundant and ensures a great level of security to your web projects. With this, your VPS hosting server runs smoothly thereby ensuring that your business and web presence is kept highly intact.

SSL Encryption

With all our VPS hosting plans you get SSL encryption for your website/app at no additional cost. With SSL activation, your website URL is secure with HTTPS. Any information passing to and from the vps hosting server will be automatically encrypted. This prevents attackers from gaining access to sensitive information shared by visitors as it flows through the internet.

High-Speed SSD NVMe Storage

With our virtual private server hosting, you get to host websites on the servers with built-in SSD NVMe drives. We use SSD NVMe technology with all our servers to ensure you get the best VPS hosting performance.Built for incredible speed, our SSD NVMe VPS servers act as a reliable platform for your websites/apps. They are perfect for handling heavy web applications or high-functioning websites with no performance issues.

Intel Xeon Processors

We make use of Intel Xeon processors in our VPS server nodes. The Intel Xeon processors are the latest generation and high-powered processors with a large number of cores. With this, you receive top-notch performance, making sure your vps hosting server never slows down. The Intel Xeon processors work well for running intensive programs and mission-critical tasks.

Full Root Access & SFTP

Get complete control over your VPS hosting with full root access. With this, you customize the server in the way you want, install applications of your choice and do much more. Additionally, you can securely access and transfer all your files on your virtual server using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).


We incorporate KVM virtualization technology in our VPS servers. With KVM virtualization we get the ability to allot VPS node resources such that no single user can utilize more than their allotted resources, giving them fully dedicated & isolated resources. KVM strictly prohibits resource overselling this also helps in eliminating the problem of noisy neighbors.

Guaranteed Resources

With our cheap VPS hosting plans, you get server resources that are dedicated entirely to your virtual server. This results in immense power, low latency & high speed for your website or app. You can utilize all your assigned server resources for hosting your mission-critical website or app. As server resources are guaranteed, there is zero fluctuation in available resources.

24x7 Management

Time is money. Spend yours on your business & let us handle your VPS hosting account. Opt for our managed services, and leave the maintenance, configurations, customizations, and every other technical aspect of your VPS to us. Our team of experienced professionals will maintain your VPS hosting account while you focus on growing your business.

100 Mbps Network

Experience a smooth operating website or application with our advanced network that is optimized for excellent loading speed. With the data transfer speeds up to 100Mbps, it can host your website or applications with no performance issues. Get notably reduced page loading times & give a better surfing experience to your visitors.

Choice of Operating Systems for Your VPS Hosting

Pick the one you want and leave its installation to us. Get the best OS for your virtual hosting server & experience the highest level of security.

Choose Control Panel for Your VPS Server

Simplify all your VPS administrative tasks with a comprehensive management tool and save your valuable time. Choose your subscription plan from DirectAdmin, cPanel or Webuzo control panel to carry out all your management tasks related to website, application, domain, email, database with ease.


1 Account

(10 Domains)

$3 /mo

10 Accounts

(50 Domains)

$10 /mo

Unlimited Accounts

(Unlimited Domains)

$20 /mo
cPanel (Unlimited Domains)


1 Account

$12 /mo

5 Accounts

$24 /mo

30 Accounts

$30 /mo

50 Accounts

$42 /mo

100 Accounts

$52 /mo


Plesk Web Admin

$13 /mo

Plesk Web Pro

$20 /mo

Plesk Web Host

$30 /mo
Webuzo (Unlimited Domains)


1 Account

$3 /mo

Unlimited Accounts

$10 /mo

1-Click App Installer


$3 /mo

Powerful Performance with Latest Hardware

High Connectivity

All our servers have a 1 Gbps port connection which is perfect for running your websites, software applications, game servers, web development, and more on VPS servers.

Latest Server Processor

All our servers are equipped with the highest-performing server processors. They have a minimum of 24 to 48 cores (3+GHz boost) with 64 to 256 Mbyte cache running two threads per core.

Optimized Storage

All our VPS runs on RAID 6 or RAID 10 storage, offering high-speed performance and data redundancy.

Scalable disk

Running out of space? No worries! Upgrading the VPS Disk is secure, available anytime, and does not affect your existing data or settings on your setup.

Security is Essential and We Provide it

Server Security

We offer an unlimited MySQL database, one of the most secure and widely used open-source database engines.

Firewall & AntiVirus

With each VPS with cPanel, we install and configure CSF to harden the security. But, of course, if you have any custom requirements, you can always contact our experts.

Regular Audits

Performance is everything for any business. Therefore, we perform regular audits of all our servers to eliminate hardware or performance-related errors

Benefits of Full control with all VPS plans

Dedicated IP Address

We provide at least one IP address with each VPS plan. You can connect to your VPS via SSH with a dedicated IP address.

Full SSH Access

All our VPS plans come with full administrative access via SSH. Therefore, you can install any application in your VPS per your requirement.

Fully Redundant Platform

Our Cloud architecture delivers a redundancy level to compensate for multiple hard drive failures, processing power, storage, etc.

Weekly Backup

Regardless of the plan or duration of the service, we offer complimentary weekly backup to all Windows VPS plans.

Daily Backup

Apart from the weekly backups, we offer a daily backup with all plans at a very affordable price.

VPS Management Panel

All plans in Denver(USA) include a web-based VPS management panel to monitor the CPU, memory, and disk usage of your VPS. You can also pause, resume, and restart the VPS

What is VPS hosting?

A virtual private server or a VPS, as the name suggests is a virtually isolated server condition. It is created after dividing a physical server into several virtual servers with every server getting its dedicated resources like disk space, CPU, and memory, making it completely yours. So you will have your dedicated server, but virtually. Every single VPS server is completely isolated from other servers and functioning like any regular server. As several virtual private servers function from a single physical server, the operating and maintenance costs are remarkably reduced making VPS hosting an affordable alternative to dedicated servers.

Just select from one of our VPS hosting plans as per the need of your website and simply follow the sign-up process. Once you buy VPS hosting from us and the registration process is completed, we will set up the server for you and you are all set to get started.

Don't worry if you don't have technical knowledge. Just select one of our VPS hosting plan and let our experts handle the technical front of your VPS server.

However, if you choose to go with Unmanaged VPS, it does need technical skills to manage the server and hence it best suits developers and administrators.

As you sign up for our VPS hosting plan, our team will immediately start the setup process. As soon as you receive server and control panel logins you can start using your virtual server.

You can install any third-party application compatible with your VPS server as you have total control with full root access. With Host Master Web any user is free to install and run any application from the VPS hosting server as long as they comply with our TOS.

Yes, with Host Master Web you have a wide variety of plans to fit any specific project. As the project grows anyone can easily select and upgrade to a higher and more robust VPS hosting plan with zero downtime, neither your IP will get changed.

Yes, our team will help you to move your website from your existing cheap VPS hosting provider to Host Master Web. You can also register a domain and transfer the domain to Host Master Web.

You have the option to configure iptables and csf (config server security) rules to secure your VPS server and customize it as per your requirement.

Yes, VPS platform provides a higher level of security.

Your website or app will not be impacted because of any activity happening on another site that is hosted on other virtual servers. Because each of the virtual servers is isolated from other tenants & does not share any common resources.

Moreover, you can opt-in for our server security suite from the cart that will give you automatic protection from any malware found on your virtual machine separately.

We offer cPanel, CyberPanel, Webuzo and DirectAdmin control panels along with VPS hosting plans. If you purchase their licenced version from us then we will take care of installing the control panel on your VPS hosting server.

If your project is based on Python, PHP, MySQL, Ruby or Pearl then you should definitely consider the Linux VPS hosting server. On the other hand, if your projects are generally built using ASP.net and MSSQL then Windows VPS hosting plan is the one you should opt for

You can choose a plan as per your requirement. You should just consider the required disk space and the number of CPUs in order to select the best VPS hosting plan for you. If you are still not sure regarding the same then get in touch with our sales team, they will help in picking the right one for you.

The perfect time to move to VPS platform is when you might need to achieve a certain level with your projects or whenever your shared hosting falls short of resources or you receive high traffic on your website or application.

You can start your hosting business and resell hosting services. You can host multiple business websites, eCommerce websites, forums, and blogs individually under one secured VPS hosting server. We recommend opting for control panels like cPanel for your Linux based VPS hosting as they make it easier and convenient to host and manage all these aspects through a simple user-friendly interface.

We monitor resource utilization such as available hard disk storage and will alert you about your data consumption. In the event you need additional hard disk storage space, we can upgrade it at an additional cost.

In VPS, you don't have to share your allocated server resources with other users. You get complete root SSH access along with a remote environment. You are free to install and configure any software, application, and control panel. You don't have to take the permission of your provider for installing or modifying anything on your VPS.

Certain things of the VPS hosting do make it a perfect fit for any business.

Dedicated Resources: No need to share your disk space, RAM, or CPU and have full control over them.

Stability:Need not worry about the performance of your website or web application. As the resources are well monitored, any sudden spike in the traffic of any other website on another virtual server will not affect the stability of your servers.

Total Control:With root access and complete control over the dedicated resources you can host and work on resource-heavy websites and do much more.

Shared hosting is basically for beginners and small business websites. With all resources being shared, users don’t get any sort of assurance of CPU or RAM with shared hosting. With no full root access to the server, you don’t get full control of your servers and are rather restricted. But for a beginner or in the initial phase of your website, shared hosting provides an apt platform for your website. In which you get the assistance of our customer support team round the clock to tackle any issue that you might come across in the due process. Contradictorily, VPS comes with fully dedicated resources which you need not share. With full root access, you get complete control of your resources i.e. your CPU, Ram, and even get to select OS or control panel as per your preference and convenience. So, you get the benefit of dedicated servers at a price point close to shared hosting. All this with 24x7 customer support for all your hosting-related queries.

A dedicated server is completely dedicated to a single client with all its resources dedicated to the prescribed user. It is perfect for resource-heavy applications and websites. On the other hand, a VPS is set up by dividing a dedicated bare metal server into a number of small servers virtually by using a hardware virtualization platform. Every VPS performs similarly to an individual server, allowing many such virtual private servers to co-exist making it quite affordable.

It depends on your web project requirement. If you are on a tight budget and need dedicated server resources then our cheapest VPS hosting server plan would suit your needs. However, if you have a budget and need an entire physical server to yourself, a dedicated server would be an ideal choice.

A virtual private server is an environment where a physical server is split into multiple servers - but virtually. A VPS hosting server has its own operating system, memory, storage, and IP address. A dedicated hosting server is completely dedicated to a single client with all its resources dedicated to a single user.

Still unsure which one to choose? Chat with our experts and they will advise you a perfect plan that will suit your needs.

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