Enterprise-Class Dedicated Servers

Rely on our dedicated server designed for complete isolation, control and security, ideal for your heavy workloads.

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 Dedicated Servers

Looking to host your AI, ML or Deep Learning Apps?

We’ve got you covered! Check out our GPU dedicated server plans starting at $335/mo.

Operating System Choices with Our Dedicated Server Hosting

Our dedicated hosting gives you the ability to choose from Windows and Linux servers operating systems. Pick your preferred operating system and let us install it for you.

Extensive Range of Control Panels

Dedicated server management is never a trouble with our broad variety of powerful control panels available. We have partnered with best-in-class web-based control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin and Webuzo for you to manage your dedicated server hosting with ease. If you have chosen CentOs for your dedicated server then you can pick cPanel or Directadmin. Plesk is compatible with CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Windows operating systems while Webuzo is the right fit for CentOS and Ubuntu.


1 Account

(10 Domains)

$3 /mo

10 Accounts

(50 Domains)

$10 /mo

Unlimited Accounts

(Unlimited Domains)

$20 /mo
cPanel (Unlimited Domains)


1 Account

$12 /mo

5 Accounts

$24 /mo

30 Accounts

$30 /mo

50 Accounts

$42 /mo

100 Accounts

$52 /mo


Plesk Web Admin

$13 /mo

Plesk Web Pro

$20 /mo

Plesk Web Host

$30 /mo
Webuzo (Unlimited Domains)


1 Account

$3 /mo

Unlimited Accounts

$10 /mo

1-Click App Installer


$3 /mo

Why Choose Host Master Web Dedicated Server Hosting?

By choosing us as your dedicated server hosting partner you can run your most intensive workloads on highly powerful dedicated servers, optimised for critical loads.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Asia's Largest Data Center

Host Master's data center provides a great combination of redundancy and capacity with connectivity to reach an audience. This data center is ISO 27001 certified with guaranteed security, highest uptime and top-notch performance. That makes us the best global dedicated server provider.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

We commit to a 99.95% uptime for our VPS hosting, the industry's highest guarantee. Achieved through robust infrastructure, maintenance, and security measures, our servers ensure reliability. Utilizing cutting-edge hardware and software, our VPS architecture maximizes availability for your websites.


Ultra Secure

Security is one of the prime benefits that come with dedicated server hosting. As your server belongs solely to you, there’s no way you will share server resources. Although our data center offers high-end security to protect your server, you can also install your security software with the help of root access, to add an extra layer of protection to the server.

Powerful Dedicated Servers with Complete Specs

Jump ahead of the technology curve with the best dedicated server hosting features that are well set up to
handle your mission-critical website or application.

Intel Xeon Processors

We make use of Intel Xeon processors on our dedicated servers. The Intel Xeon processors are the most powerful and new generation processors with the highest number of CPU cores. The Intel Xeon processor delivers top-level performance to your dedicated server and is best for running intensive applications, mostly those of a mission-critical nature.

10 Gbps Network

Our advanced network with a dedicated server is optimized for fast loading speed to make your website/applications run smoothly. We have a data transfer speed of up to 10 Gbps that hosts your resource-heavy websites/applications without having any performance issues. This distinctly reduces the page loading times & delivers a great surfing experience to your visitors.

SSL Encryption

With our dedicated server, you get an SSL certificate for your website/app at no extra cost. Any information that passes to and from the dedicated server will be automatically encrypted and your website or app will be secure. With this, no intruder will be able to access the sensitive information shared by visitors as it flows through the internet.

Root/Administrative Access

A dedicated server gives you root/administrative access, allowing you to freely modify any file on the server. You can also imply configurations in any way you want, install and delete server-wide applications, exercise control over all the ports, and much more. Furthermore, you can securely access and transfer your files on your dedicated server with the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Rapid Provisioning

Host Master Web dedicated server experts quickly deploy the best dedicated server without making you wait for a longer period. Our in-stock servers are instantly deployed within 4 hours right after you place an order. Your server will be ready to use as we will already install your preferred operating system and control panel on the server.

No Setup Fees

We do not charge any setup fee for our dedicated servers. There's no additional cost for installing the operating system, control panel, or other software required for the smooth working of your dedicated server. We will take care of the complete server setup, free of charge, shortly after receiving your order. We assure you that your dedicated server is set up quickly without any delays.

Enterprise Hardware

A dedicated server provides great computing power as they use Enterprise hardware optimized for efficiency. This helps your website or applications deliver excellent performance, durability and great speed.

Host Unlimited Websites

With our dedicated server plans, we don’t put a cap on resource usage. This allows you to host as many websites as you want within the allocated resources in your dedicated server plan. Hosting multiple websites under one account will be beneficial as the maintenance will be much easier.

Fully Customizable

With our dedicated server hosting, you get the freedom to modify your server configurations and install any software of your choice. Moreover, you can choose your choice of operating system and control panel and leave its installation to us.

Need Expert Help in Managing Your Server?

We've got you covered! Focus on growing your business without worrying about the server technicalities. At Host Master Web, we have a highly professional support team available 24x7 on email and live chat to resolve any of your server-related technical issues. Plus, from setting up the dedicated server to maintenance and monitoring, our team takes care of everything!

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24x7 fully managed support from experts

Experience seamless management of your dedicated servers with our dedicated support team available 24x7, 365 days a year. Our experts are prepared to assist you with any technical challenges, ensuring a smooth operation for your dedicated server infrastructure.

Industry's best assistance via email and live chat

Enjoy unparalleled support for your dedicated server needs with our responsive email and live chat assistance. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions, ensuring the success and stability of your dedicated server environment.

Round-the-clock monitoringe

Rest assured that our dedicated servers are meticulously optimized for reliability. Our advanced data centers utilize robust infrastructure to maximize uptime, ensuring a consistently stable service for your applications and systems.

What is dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a physical server with a single-tenant environment. They are specially designed to run website or web applications that demand highly efficient computing hardware without any interruptions. A dedicated server does not share its resources with any other server, which means no virtualization, no noisy neighbours and a fully isolated environment.

A dedicated bare metal server is highly reliable, has great stability and excellent durability.

Unlike other traditional hosting platforms which are 'shared' among number of users, a dedicated server is assigned to a single user. You get complete access privileges to the server. You get dedicated resources so, there is no chance of other websites or users affecting the server performance. Full administrator access allows complete control of all the software applications installed along with the operating system. Our dedicated servers are capable to handle high-traffic websites.

Unmanaged dedicated hosting: With unmanaged dedicated hosting, you just rent a dedicated server and customize it according to your needs. You will be in charge of all the technical tasks like server maintenance, security, software updates and everything that is required to keep your server secure and smoothly sunning.

Managed dedicated hostingWith managed dedicated hosting, our team of experts will carry out the setup and management of your dedicated server tasks. You can reach out to our team any time of day and they will resolve the technical issues for you.

Our dedicated server configurations are designed in such a way that it suits a broad range of professional users. Based on your requirements, you can upgrade your dedicated server for more storage space, additional bandwidth, RAM, or a super-fast processor.

Host Master cheap dedicated servers are superior because of higher bandwidth capacity, latest hardware, ultra-fast network, lowest price, 24x7 management and best-in-class services. You can even make use of our anti-DDoS solution.

Still unsure? Get in touch with our dedicated server experts and they will advice you the best dedicated server plan.

In VPS hosting, a physical server is split into multiple virtual servers, in which, a portion of the server’s resources is dedicated just for you. Whereas, in dedicated hosting you get an entire physical server to yourself.

Self-managed: We-as your dedicated hosting provider will only offer you a dedicated server. You will have total control of the hosting and its customizations without any interference. It also means that we will not be involved with the server configuration and its management.

24x7 Server Management:Along with the dedicated server, we will also assist in its management by providing 24x7 tech support. Get in touch whenever you come across any of the issues and our team of experts will help you resolve them. You will not have to be worried about the server maintenance, management or, troubleshoot issues as we will do all of it.

24x7 Proactive Server Management: We will proactively take care of every aspect and configuration of your dedicated server. Additionally, we will also install monitoring tools on your server to supervise it round the clock. We will keep a close watch on the server load, memory usage, CPU usage, storage space, storage degrade warnings, processes and its services. We will get an alert if any of these issues happen and fix those issues right away. We promise a response time of 10 minutes for any monitoring alerts.

You can choose your preferred management service at the time of checkout.

Yes, we offer 24x7 managed dedicated server as an add-on. You can buy from our 24x7 server management or 24x7 proactive server management during checkout.

We know how stressful it is to move all your files & folders to the server and, for this reason, we have a team of experts to help you with the complete process. The dedicated migration team will carefully move all your data to Host Master dedicated server without losing any data, for more information contact us.

With our dedicated servers, you get to choose your preferred operating system on the server be it Linux or Windows. Simply select the OS of your choice and let us know so that the setup is ready and you can get started instantly!

We have our dedicated servers worldwide. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure meets the exact requirements and ensures maximum security, efficiency, and accessibility.

Absolutely! Host Master Web also offers custom dedicated servers. You can call us, initiate a live chat or email us if the server specifications you require are not listed on our website. We will get back to you with the closest matched specifications and pricing at the earliest.

Dedicated server is the obvious choice when it comes to hosting a high traffic website, eCommerce store or mission-critical web applications. Getting the best dedicated server for hosting such type of websites is in itself a big challenge. We at HostMasterWeb truly understand the value of your time, money and business. Our approach is totally different. Without understanding and analyzing your requirement, we will not propose a solution. Right from setting-up a single server to configuring cluster for high availability and server load balancing, we have solution for every requirement.

Host Master provides best dedicated servers with 99.99% uptime guarantee. Our dedicated hosting plans are flexible and scalable, so you are not locked into technical specifications if you need any changes. We will help you to power your website with the latest hardware and innovative technologies.

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